Thursday, 4 August 2011

I'm thankful for being here. Thank you.

Al-Fatihah to my late ex-ustazah when I was in Form 2.
Puan Wan Akmal, my lovely teacher..

I was shocked when I get to know about her passing from my youngest sister. I can't even believe it myself. But then I got online and my ex-classmate back in MGS broke the news. I practically teared up. I never knew how one teacher can really effect me that much. But then I remembered, she wasn't any teacher. She was one of the best.

Wanna know why?

Back when I was in Form 1, I hated agama. Hate to point fingers or anything, but there's a reason for that. But when I moved to Kuantan and got her as my ustazah, she totally changed me. She made me love going for agama class. She never gave up her hope on me, knowing that I was pretty slow when it comes to reading arabic letters and she never gave up on me, knowing that I actually failed agama when I was in Form 1. It was because of her, I had interest on learning agama till today. Imagine how hard it is for her family to accept this.

All I know, she was a great teacher, a great mother and a great friend.
Ustazah, may you rest in peace. And thank you for all the things you did for us, your students. You may not remember each and every one of us, but we will definitely remember you.

I'm not going to post anything about my birthday. All I got to say is that I'm thankful that I'm still here breathing and enjoying my time on earth. To me, my birthday is not only on the 4th August, it's everyday of my life. Cause everyday I'm thanking Allah for giving me another day to live. So yea, nothing to brag about when it comes to birthdays. That's what I was taught by my parents.

Till then.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Chubby kid coming!

Hello there everybody.

I know it had been a long time since I last posted something here. There are practically spider webs everywhere. Teehee. Anyhow, had been busy with stuffs these few days. This whole month actually. But that's life huh? (Lol I sounded like I was VERY busy when actually all I'd been doing was enjoying myself. :P)

Currently I have no idea what to write in my blog. A friend of mine told me to write what I did on my daily basis. But it's kindda boring. So, I'll just give it a try for today.
Yesterday I woke up pretty early; which was 7am. I went downstairs and found Prince was chasing his own shadows. I was like, "what on earth are you doing lar, sayang?". And I think I kindda frightened him, he ends up rolling on the floor and looked up to me with his cute, watery eyes. LOL I smiled at him and slept on the sofa at my living room. And suddenly I felt something jumped on top of me. It was Prince and he started licking my chin. I woke up, pushed him aside and continue sleeping. A few minutes after that, I saw him sleeping beside me. Awwwww, so freaking adorable. :) So, I slept till 1.45pm. Teehee.

Woke up and saw everyone was already ready to get out from the house. Jumped off the sofa and ran to the toilet. Took a quick shower and then all of us went to Old Town Kopitiam. After we ate, we went to ECM for a little shopping. Finally bought a new bag! :D And mummy finally bought a present for papa. LOL.

Then all of us went to Rozel somewhere near Danial's school, hoping to find a nice sofa to replace the one at home. At 7pm, we had dinner at Tanjung (Nyummeyh). Eat eat eat. That's practically what I'd been doing lately. Practically growing another pair of boobs at my tummy. (Yes, that's how much I'd gained.) Ahahah. Anyways, I guess that's all lar. Haven't been writing bout my daily life for a very long time. Pretty awkward if you ask me. LOL Okay, so that's all. Toodles! :)

Sunday, 19 June 2011

And love's what holds us together

"Till death do us part"

These words, they aren't only meant for husbands and wives. They're meant for family members, friends, or even someone you recently met in your life. Recently, I've come to know one guy from Hassy. The fact is, I never even met him. But because of what happened to him, made me come to realize how little time all of us have in this world. I was told that he's a brilliant guy, a great friend who will help you no matter what, and a great son. When I told Hassy that I'd never experienced losing anyone in my life, he then told me to imagine, what happened if one day I would have to live my life without one of my closest friend in the world. Immediately after I was alone in my room, I cried. That night, I thanked God for giving me the chance to meet all these beautiful people in my life. Thanked God for giving me the chance to live my life. Thanked God for giving me the chance to have both my parents, while others had to go through living without one, or both. Since that day, every morning when I wake up, I thanked God for giving me another chance to live another day. I feel so bad cause, if it weren't for someone's death, I wouldn't had realized about how thankful I should feel to be alive right now.

So now, I'm slowly living my life to the fullest and making sure to be thankful and grateful to every little things in my life. Cause to me, it may be little. But to others, it may be HUGE.

P/S I would love to take this opportunity to say how much I love you guys. I would never understand the true meaning of love if it weren't for you guys.
I love you; my family & my dearest friends.

Till then.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Random, Pissed

Kids nowadays..

Seriously, they're much worst than the kids my generation. They're so rude, so immature, so naive.

I mean, come on! You're 12? 13? And you're practically saying all the vulgar words, you think you know the meaning, which sadly you don't. And the jokes on YOU. Made you sounded so stupid, so immature, so dumb. If you wanna talk like a grown up, then GROW UP.

First of all, saying all those vulgar words doesn't make you any older than you really are. It made you sounded like a retarded infant with less size of a brain than a normal human.

Before you guys use those words, GROW UP first. At least grow a nice pair of boobs first before you guys act like a *hore okay?

P/S Don't waste your time thinking that you will marry your bf who is only 13 years old ok? REALITY CHECK!

P/S/S At least grow a pair of boobs before acting all grown up. Dumba**.

Thursday, 9 June 2011


Hello there everyone. :)

I'm really sorry for not updating my blog recently. Honestly, I was pretty busy.

As far as many of you had heard, I'm currently working with my mom. What I do? Well, I'm actually my mom's personal assistant. Teehee. Sometimes help her with house work. Photocopying. And other stuff lar I guess. LOL yea it's pretty easy. But what else am I suppose to do? My mom doesn't really trust me enough to let me handle other stuffs. She said it's too complicated and she doesn't have the time to teach me. So, yea. Practically, I'm just around to mess help around. LOL and actually get paid for that. :D Teehee. Thanks mommy. Love you! :D

Oh, and other than that, I'm gaining weight larrr. I won't be cheating with guys. I'll be cheating with my diet. It's really hard to go on a diet when all the great delicacies are around me. :( Like seriously, how can you say no to something so mouth-watering, delicious, food. Gahhh. >< Well, hopefully I can get back the weight I wanted. :( LOL

Something random..
Had you guys heard of the Obedient Wives' Club(OWC)? Well, recently (not really recently, I think it was around last week), they kindda have this OWC for wives in Malaysia or smtg like that. One of their activities are actually to teach wives nowadays to treat their husband like a first-class prostitutes. In their opinion, the number one reason why couples are getting a divorce is because of wives' lack of performance on bed. WTH right?
Well, in my honest and HUMBLE opinion. I find that that's not the main reason why couples are getting divorces nowadays. And it's definitely not the wives' fault that their husbands actually go out at night looking for prostitutes to satisfy their sexual needs. Obviously? Now, isn't that dumb? They're actually putting the blame on wives out there.
Why do I take this seriously? Well, firstly, I'm a girl. One day I'll be someone's wife (LOOOONG WAY TO GO.) and don't you dare expect me to take the fault if my husband cheat on me (Which I really hope won't happen). I'm not gonna lower my standard and take the blame for everything just so that men can raise their ego to a higher level.
And btw, I find it really sexist. So yeah. That's my opinion.

So, if you guys have any opinions about it, do share with me.
One of my friend actually told me that I forgotten to put in the cbox. So, here it is. You guys are free to share anything here. :)

Till then people. Goodnight and sweet dreams. :)

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Genting, a step a way

Hello there everyone.

Went to Genting Highland with my family on Monday. Spent a night there and went back home to Kuantan on Tuesday. Finally, after waiting for so many years, I finally get to spend at least a day in Genting. The best part? Well, I get to spend it with my family.

Unfortunately, we reached Genting pretty late. So all of us just went for the Night park at the Outdoor Theme Park. Which was from 7pm till 10pm. Yeap. Try and squeeze all the awesome rides they have there for 3 freaking hours. Not enough, if you ask me. But, ohh well. At least we did enjoyed ourselves.

Btw, there were clowns EVERYWHERE. And God knows how I feel about 'em clowns.
Ohh, and finally my mom allowed me to ride a roller coaster that actually turns 360 degrees. Wooohooo and it was aweshome! :D

Well, I guess that's about it. Still practising, trying to write longer. But oh well. One day, perhaps. I'm kindda rushing right now. Gonna start working with my mom today. So I'm actually waiting for my mom to give me some stuff to do. I'm just waiting.. -.-

Till then, people. Toodles. :)

Sunday, 29 May 2011

#1 Post

Hello there everyone.

Previously, I had another blog. Unfortunately, in my opinion, I find it rather inappropriate for me to share it with  others. Therefore, here I am, writing a more normal-looking post at my new blog :)

Well then, this will just be a short and simple post for now. Sorry if this doesn't cut it, but I'll try and brush up my writing skills slowly.

Till then, dearly readers. :)

Happy anniversary, dear <30/05/2010>