Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Random, Pissed

Kids nowadays..

Seriously, they're much worst than the kids my generation. They're so rude, so immature, so naive.

I mean, come on! You're 12? 13? And you're practically saying all the vulgar words, you think you know the meaning, which sadly you don't. And the jokes on YOU. Made you sounded so stupid, so immature, so dumb. If you wanna talk like a grown up, then GROW UP.

First of all, saying all those vulgar words doesn't make you any older than you really are. It made you sounded like a retarded infant with less size of a brain than a normal human.

Before you guys use those words, GROW UP first. At least grow a nice pair of boobs first before you guys act like a *hore okay?

P/S Don't waste your time thinking that you will marry your bf who is only 13 years old ok? REALITY CHECK!

P/S/S At least grow a pair of boobs before acting all grown up. Dumba**.

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